Some interesting facts about LOVE

Monogamous relationships exist in the animal kingdom too

We’re not the only one in the animal kingdom that looks for a faithful relationship.  Swans, Wolves, Beavers, penguins, bald eagle, barn owls, Gibbon apes to name a few.


Falling in love creates neurological effects of euphoria

Falling in love produces several euphoria inducing chemicals that stimulate up too 12 areas of the brain at the same time!


Holding a loved one’s hand can soothe pain and stress

Couples with deep strong connections can soothe each other in stressful or painful situations


Are feeling butterflies in your stomach when falling in love real?

Remember that feeling – that bubble or dance in your stomach that feels like butterflies.  It’s caused by your body releasing adrenaline and other love chemicals.


Looking into someone’s eyes deeply for 3-5 minutes creates strong connections and love

It’s often said the eyes are the window to the soul, so it’s no wonder people can feel a strong connection and fall in lust just by looking deeply into another’s eyes!


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