10 Great Date Nights

Join up to a dance course

Guaranteed to get you connected again, looking into each other’s eyes and moving in sync having fun

Have a picnic

Pack up the rugs, great food and drinks and pick a beautiful spot to watch the sun go down.  Snuggle up and just chat.

Play mini golf

Bring out the inner child, have fun and laugh.  Make a bet around who wins or loses and what they have to do for the other person!

Get out in Nature

Walking out in nature is so good for the soul.  Choose a walk that suits you both for at least an hour – just be together and chat about everything.

Star Gaze

Grab some dessert, an ice cream or a hot drink and sit outside looking at the stars together.  Nothing makes us feel the power of how big the universe when we look out up and beyond. Oh and it’s romantic too!

Cloud gazing

Just as good as stargazing – be creative!  

Play a board game or cards

Don’t get competitive!  Just bring out your fun inner child and play a game.

Cook together

A relaxed way to connect and be in the same space working on a meal you’ll both share. Doesn’t have to be fancy, even pizza will do.

Go to a fancy bar and dress up

Have a cocktail or two and enjoy each other.  Take turns at every ½ hour telling the other something you really love about them.

Weekend Markets

Find a local market and stroll around together.  Sample food, buy your lunch and dinner or just enjoy the sounds and sights holding hands with each other.

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